Just Another Day

Tuesday March 27, 2012

Life's been a bit crazy lately, so I've definately let some things slide and why does it always seem that my creative outlets in life always fall to the waste side? Heading up to my boyfriends cottage this weekend and see the paintings in the corner of this last photo? I'm hoping that they will finally get finished up there.

 I find that often when I'm leaving the house on weekends, it's so easy to throw on the same old sweater, especially having dressed "properly" all week at work. Then I realize that these few precious days are the only time I can wear whatever the heck I want so why waste it wearing a frumpy old sweater?

This skirt is usually what I would wear out with heels for a night out on the town. However, to get the most out of my wardrobe I like to take pieces that are usually worn at night and make them day time appropriate. The key is paring it with materials that are casual such as jersey or cotton and then dressing it down with accessories. (The skirt was from lulu.com )

The Power Of A Blazer

Saturday, March 10, 2012

As spring inches closer, I'm ready to toss the jackets and embrace the blazer weather. The turquoise blazer is from a small boutique in Paris located close to Montmartre. I gotta say, I never regret bringing a burst of colour into my closet. I think the easiest way to get out of buying the same thing over and over is to try something in a new vibrant colour.

Blazers are my "comfort" clothes.. on days where I feel like nothing looks right, my go to is usually a blazer and a pair of jeans. I think it's important to find comfort clothes that you feel great in and makes you feel confident when walking out the door.

Side note: I just finished building my day bed last week! Still putting together the finishing touches on the decor but I'm super excited to share it with you soon.

Sky High

Wednesday March 7, 2012

I've gotten so used to wearing work clothes that putting on anything else almost seems strange, I miss being adventurous with my outfits so I thought I'd post something a little more daring. I went shopping with a girlfriend this past week and found an amazing steal. I bought this top which was originally $98 (Jessica Simpson label) for $7 dollars at the Bay. I know I've become rather good at bargain hunting but even this one shocked me.

Oh my obsession with shoes is never ending, I got these puppies at heel boy a while ago and I've really been loving them. Although this outfit may not be weather appropriate right now, this is just my way of showing optimism for spring coming sooner this year (fingers crossed).

Speaking of spring just a heads up for trends this upcoming season.

1.) Neon is back in, not only in nail colour this time but in accessories, shoes and clothes, so pretty much the whole shabang.

2.) Gold accessories, bring on the gold belts and heavy gold jewellery.

3.) Okay so this one is a bit hard to believe..Platform shoes.. I've been seeing them slowly creep up on my radar. I'm not talking old sneaker platforms but platforms in a more sophisticated/polished way. I saw them everywhere when I was in China and they are usually well ahead of the trend but since I've been back I've been seeing them here as well. To be honest I'm not sold on it yet, we'll see as spring comes nearer but I have a feeling that this one may not be my forte.

The Vintage Splurge Continues

 Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fell in love with this oversized dress from Patina's. I always say you never know until you try it on. It's a bit big but classic and with a belt it was brought back to the 20th century.  The earring are my favourite thing I've bought in a while, they are massive but just the bling needed to liven up a solid toned dress. Can you tell I love this leather jacket yet? Mixing a structured shoulder coat with any loose fitting clothes gives it form and makes it seem less sloppy.

These photos where a blast to shoot, most of them where taken uptown at some of my favourite places. Carry on Comics is the only place I don't visit often but I got to say that I will never get too old for an Archie comic.

A Vintage Steal

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This weekend I went vintage shopping with a good friend of mine uptown Waterloo. My favourite vintage store Patina's just moved into a new location next to the Princess Cafe. The owner Donna is such a sweet women and I'm so happy to support independent stores. I am always impressed by the guts of these entrepreneurial women, it takes a lot of bravery to do what they do. 

I got this skirt for a steal ($28) and I believe it's from the 50's. I feel in love with the colour and length. It didn't quite fit, I'm going to blame it on the tiny waists women had in those days but I always try to see the potential in how to make something work. So I bought it, took it home and moved a few of the buttons around to make it fit my curvier waist line. 

I would also like to thank my new collaborator, photographer Amanda DeLarge for taking these amazing photos. 

Can't wait to show you what else I managed to dig up at the local vintage stores in my upcoming post. 

Scouring Asia

Wednesday, February 15 , 2012

Shopping in China, Japan and Thailand are vastly different experiences. China surprisingly isn't full of cheap clothing anymore, much of the good quality pieces are just as expensive as it is in Canada and sometimes even more so. In China for some reason I became fixated on jackets, I bought four in total. The little black leather jacket and the green fur jacket are by far my favourites. I think everyone should own a good quality leather jacket, it's a trend that isn't going away. Also it can make the simplest of outfits look stylish. Oh shoes, how could I ever leave a country without buying a pair of shoes? The black trimmed snake skinned heels are superbly versatile, low enough for work and fun enough for a night out. 

Thailand was the place to bargain, however the prices where sometimes so wide in range it was hard to tell if you were ever getting a good deal. I just gave up in at the end and rationalized it by thinking no matter how expensive it is at least it's in baht which is 30 times less than the Canadian dollar. The only piece I have on here from thailand are my long dangling earrings, they were quite expensive but I just couldn't leave without them. 

Japan was like walking into a comic book. I've been told that it isn't uncommon for a japanese girl to spend 2 hours on her makeup everyday! They take pride in their appearances and it really shows in the way the put them selves together. Although they can look outrageous to some in their quirky doll like outfits, you can tell there was a lot of thought behind every outfit and probably a lot of time spent on picking it out. The honest truth about me, I can take 3 minutes to do my makeup and get dressed in less than 5, which is what I do most days. No matter how much I love clothes, I love sleep more. 

I know this is horrible but I shopped at Zara in Japan, only because most of the japanese styles I could hardly fit into and could never wear in Waterloo. I bought two pieces from Zara Japan which are the over sized grey sweater and the blue skirt. I was determined to buy something at the famous Harajuku street which is where I got this amazing scarf. I plan on wearing it as a skirt when fall hits, but for now it keeps me cozy and ready to take on a good old Canadian winter.

My DIY Closet

Monday, January 6 , 2012

I am back from my Asia trip and finally no longer feeling jet lagged. Sorry for my long absence but I'm back and ready to blog. I'm sifting though my rather large collection of purchases in Asia at the moment so future posts will be showcasing my treasures from abroad. In order to make room, I had to make a few adjustments to my already rather large closet.

I thought it would be fun to share a glimpse of my closet with you because often I wonder what the closets of my favourite fashion bloggers look like. In addition I also wanted to give you a few DIY ideas since my closet was mostly DIY's.  

When I first moved into this apartment I was seriously wondering if anyone could really manage with the tiny built in closet (left corner of the second last photo).  So I was left with my own devices to make a more suitable closet for me. The old closet was only large enough to hold my coats... 

Tip #1 : Do not waste any valuable space!
The grey shoe rack used to be an old shelf of mine from Ikea, I cut the shelves so that they would fit perfectly in the small closet area. I then used L brackets from home depot ($1.49) each and by recycling my old shelf I was able to make this handy shoe rack for under $30.

Tip #2: Next to it is a cork board wrapped tightly with fabric to create a simple jewellery hanging board. It's extremely easy to make and you can change the fabric if it no longer matches with your decor. I used plain clear thumbtacks to hang my necklaces.

My most recent addition to the closet is the white shoe shelf, since I was in dire need of more shoe space, I utilized another small area of my closet by recreating the same grey shelf but this time I went to home depot and got the cheapest wood I could find, cut perfectly to fit my closet. Cost? $15 then I used left over  vintage white paint and L shape brackets again to finish the shelves. Total cost $55

Tip #3 : Instead of using boring coat hooks I created my own coat hangers. Again I purchased simple barn board wood from home depot and had them cut it. When I was in montreal I found a really neat silver deer head (at a random christmas shop) that I assume was meant for display on a mantle. However I decided to drill a hole in it and mount it on a board to make it a coat hanger. The rest of the metal hangers are from Urban Outfitters. I lightly dusted the wood with vintage white paint and left a few spots bare to give it the antique look. I encourage you to look at something in your house that you've used in the same way for a while and make something new with it, it's not only fun but economical!